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PluginAnnotation Supported?

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Is the PluginAnnotation still supported, I tried to use it without success, and the documentation seems to be lacking at https://doc.tiki.org/PluginAnnotation
I can't make out how to actually add annotations to existing images in the files gallery or in a page.
Thanks for any information on this.

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I saw that Luci, but it does not show me how to use it in my own wiki, how do I actually get that information on my own image? Using the plugin interface? Thanks!

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I got it Luci! had to play with it a bit, but I finally got it, can I create more in depth instructions at the plugin page for Annotation, here on tiki.org ?

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Well I though I had a handle on it, the functions work, but I cannot save annotated image, it goes to a blank screen. Hohum, thus the life of a tiki owner! biggrin

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Dear John,

Probably not much help for you, but I have just tried using the plugin on my tikiwiki which is version 16.2. As you say, documentation is scarce but it appears to work for me.
I have used a jpg which was in my file gallery with id 208.

After defining the dimensions of the jpg for the annotations plugin:

{ANNOTATION(src="display208", width=300, height=224, align=cente)} {ANNOTATION}

The image appears, and I can click and then drag with the mouse to create a box and I am prompted to enter a "label" or "link" (my tikiwiki runs in Spanish so I am not certain of the translations in English). If I enter text for the label, and "Save" on also select "Save annotation changes" button it now displays my text when I hover with the mouse over the zone. I can also edit again and the updated text is displayed. My "labels" are shown below the image on the wiki page. The "source" of the wiki page now appears as:

{ANNOTATION(src="display208", width=300, height=224, align=cente)}(195,14),(270,43) Test1 something else []
(9,168),(121,201) Test2 []

Where my labels are "Test1 something else" and "Test2"

Maybe this information can help narrow down when the problem occurred in tikiwiki since there are few versions between 16.2 and 17.



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Thanks so much for that confirmation Gail, I did upload a test instance on my own server of Tiki16 and the annotation does indeed work, but it seems to have stopped working at 17. Hmmm. I sure like that image map! Just wish it was functional in 17.
Thanks a bunch Gail!