Architecture / Installation

Architecture / Installation

Missing articles after upgrading to 18.1

posts: 31 France

Dear fellows,

I've managed to upgrade to 18.1 (thanks again luciash d' being d' being) and most of the previous 17.1 content is now displayed in the new version. However, some articles are strangely missing! These articles are still displaying in the previous tiki installation...

Then 2 questions:
- is there any way to restart the database migration into 18.1?
- if not, is there any way to "export" the missing articles from 17.1 and import them into the new tiki 18.1?

Cut/paste could work but it's really tedious even for two tens of articles...

Thanks in advance for any help!

posts: 31 France

Hi Community,

Am I alone with this issue? How come that some articles are missing after the upgrade?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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