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Tiki.org articles (Who are these guys?)

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What is Steem? Are these articles approved to be on tiki.org?

The other article https://dev.tiki.org/Farming-Automation
Are these folks actual devs for Tiki and they are simply expressing their idea for pushing the Tiki envelope?

Just curious.

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Good evening or good morning. It seems I'm one of those guys you're asking for. Hello John Morris, I am Martin Reisbeck from Germany (Frankfurt). My avatar on the Blockchain Steem and in Tiki is named "afrog". I don't know really what kind of guy I am, but please ask me whatever you like to ask, to find out what you want to know. In the meantime I will answer all other questions, you already asked.

Are these articles approved to be on tiki.org?

I was invited by Marc Laporte to write about my project. Of course I am afraid now, the approvement was not proof enough to disturb people with stories about a foreign blockchain named Steem. Maybe I understood an invitation, where in reality has been no formal invitation. So please, better ask Marc, if my writings are okay. He wrote to me, my text is okay.

What is Steem?

I've wrote it down for you and the other interested people, already. Just read it. If you want to know exactly what this special Blockchain does, there is a lot of information for example on ~://www.steem.center/index.php?title=Main_Page and many, many other sources too. But it is hard to understand, if you have no practice on the blockchain, I'm a user of the Steem for more than two years now and I have experiences with media.

Are these people current devs for Tiki?

I can only answer for myself, not on behalf of the other people. Yes, I try my best to be one. I'm not a professional developer, a beginner though. Tiki is an ideal tool for the needs of the users of the blockchain and the media as well. My blockchain-knowledge could be a gem for the Tiki-Way and interested developers.

...... and they simply express their idea to cross the Tiki envelope?

I don't understand the formation. I'm pretty new on the Tiki Way. Please excuse my confusion... but yes, you are right! Very simple, as well in expression.

Thank you for asking. I really appreciate being noticed. My first question regarding Tiki and the blockchain in your Tiki forum was never be answered, months before. I'm very tensed to be asked much more questions about the matter now, as I am searching for people, understanding what to do with this special blockchain for media, with me, and what the Tiki (for heavens sake) has to do with. My German Steem-Community is very excited already, to start working with the Tiki. You will find my first funny steps in Tiki on Blockchain on ~://steemwiki,org.

Very best regards

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Well by all means then, carry on! Keep writing away!