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Architecture / Installation

403 and 406 HTTP errors now occurring

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Suddenly, I am having 403 errors returned when I try to save a (very) few Wiki pages when in the editor. It is consistent in that it will not save specific pages. I own the pages and have permission to edit. Also, getting a 406 error when trying to create a new page. This has been newly introduced with no upgrade done in the mean time. I cleared caches. Have not made any other installation changes (that I can tell or am aware of).

The hosting provider was running some scripts last week through the directories that incorrectly messed with some other installations (some XML page index generator being added for Google web crawler benefit on Wordpress installations that was incorrectly doing its magic in non-Wordpress install directories).

Any thoughts on causes or even how to debug the cause? The error pages are non-descriptive. Running v18.2 because I do not want to upgrade when still in this unknown state of operation.

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Must have been on a bad batch of peyote when posting. That is 501 for edit and 406 for new page errors. 403 is not one of them. Could not see a way to edit once posted. (Nor delete and repost for that matter.)
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For 501 error, when trying to edit a few, specific pages, then trying to save:
Not Implemented
GET to /wiki/tiki-editpage.php not supported.
Additionally, a 501 Not Implemented error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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For 406 error, when doing a new page creation, when I hit the SAVE, I get:
Not Acceptable!
An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by Mod_Security.

I cleaned all caches manually, and compared two releases of the same version where one is working and one is not. Here are the diffs I found (which I fixed) but it did not help:

  • wiki/img/icons/ed_image.gif missing on bad site (so restored)
  • wiki/img/icons/insert_table.gif missing on bad site (so restored)
  • wiki/db/virtuals.inc empty and existing on bad site (so removed)
  • theme/base_files/favicon directory and content missing on bad site (so restored)
  • whelp/ is empty folder found on bad site (so deleted)
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Some progress. Seems I can sometimes bypass the page creation bug. It depends on the content being added to the page. Is their some new strict security rules being introduced as part of Mod_Security that maybe is catching your URL's as being badly formed? One example is if I add a numerical equation to a page (say 1*2+0=2) then it generates the 403 error trying to save the page.

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