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File Gallery group only visibility and access

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Tiki 18.1
I'm in the build phase. A complete newby.
I've read the documentation
We need our tiki to have 2 functional parts to it - a public and private area, including the file galleries(folders). In the wiki, on a page by page basis we will make some pages public.
For the Private area, as admin
- I have created a Group ROZOPS - at the parent level, not as a child of Anonymous
- I have a category ROZOPS and the File Gallery ROZOPS Files is an object of that category.
- The gallery owner is admin
Working on the theory what you can't see doesn't attract you, I want to make the Category ROZOPS and the gallery ROZOPS Files only visible and usable to those in the ROZOPS Group.

I cannot achieve this.
My problem appears to be I cannot find how to override the global permissions. As soon as I assign globally to the Group Registered Users tiki_p_view_category, tiki_p_list_file_galleries and tiki_p_view_file_gallery - which is needed for the public areas - of course the ROZOPS elements are immediately accessible.

How do I over-ride the global permissions ?

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I think your problem is in the understanding of Tiki permissions and Groups. When someone registers at your site, it means he/she automatically belongs to the group Registered. So everyone who registered is in Registered group and cannot be removed from it (otherwise they would be "Anonymous" visitors again). So when you give some perms to Registered group everyone who is logged in has it, regardless of other Groups you put them in (no matter if the other group has the permission or not). So your approach must be one of these:

  1. either do not give the global perms to Registered and give it to ROZOPS only ...
  2. or assign the gallery to the Category ROZOPS and edit the permissions of that Category to remove the perms from Registered group to override the global Groups permissions