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New User Information Review and Including Paypal

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Jonny Bradley wrote:

HI Sam

You can link to your user tracker item like this: tiki-view_tracker_item.php?view=+user

More info here https://doc.tiki.org/User-Tracker


Thanks Johnny! I've got that all sorted out already! My biggest concern is that when I have a new user walk through my multipage registration process, they aren't technically logged in after the first page. So when they go to the second page of the registration, it does not allow them to upload a photo, which I have restricted to registered members. I know a way to cheat would be to allow all users to upload photos, but I would like new users to automatically be logged in after they create a new account via the tracker (given this happens if they register using the native registration page) so they can review their information before I ask them to submit a payment.

Thanks again!