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Architecture / Installation

Revival of 10-11 years old Wiki-Tiki Documentation Portal

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CMS means "Content Management System" - that is the category of software, nothing special you need. It is just a software type description where Tiki belongs.


Ishu Paul Singh wrote:

Hi Everyone,

My company uses Wiki-Tiki Documentation portal from past 10-11 years but recently we've shifted our domain website from one hosting server to another.
Wiki-Tiki worked fine for 2 months but now it gave an error as per attached file with this thread.
Our new website managing firm said -
The error is on the website and there is a new version of tiki which needs updating just as other sites do. We don’t have any access to the CMS but this would be the best way ahead. Restoring the tiki site from a backup will have the same problems as the core site is very old and needs updating.
We would require the tiki access to the CMS. The CMS update may not be the only problem here and that won’t be know until we are there.

Now, as a current admin of my company I do not have any handover of the setup of Wiki-Tiki which was done on the first instance and we do not possess any CMS of Wiki-Tiki.

Till now we were only managing the users as admins on documentation portal itself (which is obviously not accessible due to this error) and we were unaware of any CMS until yesterday when pointed.

If anyone could direct from where we can have CMS access or how to resolve this without losing any data, we would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.