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Automating Export of Tracker Tabular

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Hi Mike, been thinking about you of course... hope you and yours are all ok!

I set up something like this a while ago, it has to be a combination of cron and, hmm, can't remember the last bit :p

Set up a cron (or tiki scheduler) task to do the export with something like:

cd /path/to/your/tiki; php console.php tracker:export 42 files/tracker_42_exported.csv;

which should end up with a file you can get to from the site, e.g. https://example.com/files/tracker_42_exported.csv (or put is somewhere private if it needs security)

Then i think in the previous time i did this we just got whoever needed the file to go there when they wanted, but i guess you could put it into a "batch upload" directory, then run php console.php files:batchupload to import it into a file gallery, then you might be able to get ListExecute to email it on a schedule?

Does that get you started (unless anyone else has a better idea)?

Stay safe! mrgreen