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Features / Usability

Using and handling images and their metadata

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Hi FootlooseTraveller

I guess you need to be careful then, but personally i run all my production sites (from git or svn) on the stable branch so things get tested. We don't have a huge funded Quality Control department here, just feedback from users really, so the more people who can use or test upcoming releases the better they will be when released, but frankly there's not much difference between 24.x on gitlab (or the daily build tarballs) and what will be 24.1.

So if you can run a staging server site to check your real world content before the next release that would be great, like we do with the tiki sites as described here Pre Dogfood Server

Meanwhile you're welcome to wait until an "official" release, but if it doesn't work for you it could be several months before another fix is released.

This is the cost of Free/Libre Open Source Software mrgreen