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Lost System Menu missing from Anonymous Users

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Fiona Nevell wrote:
I have somehow managed to remove the System Menu down the left hand side for anonymous users. All that is displayed is Home Search, & Wiki. I was hoping to display the System Menu to everyone down the left hand side.

Hi Fiona Nevell
I think that's quite normal - anonymous users aren't allowed to do much by default, view wiki pages and search basically, so that's all we can see on that menu.

Tiki operates on a philosophy of WYSIWYCA which is "What You See is What You Can Access" (pronounced wizzy-wikka ) so more options should appear if you grant the anonymous group more permissions, which is quite a complicated area mrgreen

Usually though, i'll make a special menu for "normal" users with the pages and resources on as links and keep the system menu (#42) just for site admins and managers...

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