Re: Stop! TikiWiki 1.10???

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WilliamB said: "I'm a bit surprised to find that the developers are working on TikiWiki 1.10. This does not confirm with any version numbering method I have ever seen."

That's surprising considering this "Major.Minor.Bugfix" scheme is the almost exactly the same as GNU/Linux's and many major open-source projects like Gnome and KDE's versioning scheme (we don't use even and odd numbers to signify stable/development versions).

The following quote sums it up nicely:
"Increments start at the base number for that number type. They continue up with no rollover. They are sorted numerically, PER number. Thus, 1.2.20 is less than 1.19.0, and 1.9.0 will never increment to 2.0.0 when it should be 1.10.0."

"TikiWiki 1.9 = TikiWiki 1.90"

Nope. In Gentoo's Portage source package management system, you'll find that 1.90 is not the same as 1.9. Portage treats 1.90 as greater than 1.9.

In short, 1.10.0 indeed follows 1.9.x.