"* = new $Smarty;" (They could be anywhere...)

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Where are the smarty template files created within tiki? Are the php files that generate them ALWAYS the same name as the .tpl template files?

HTML comments (<-- and //-->) should be added to the smarty tags output. This would allow far easier editing in wysiwyg editors and the ability to test at least the tables within a browser.

I would like to add them if no one would mind, however I would like to know more about where everything is generated first. Tiki is over 1700 files; I don't want to comb them all looking for the code:

"* = new $Smarty;"

That would really suck...

Thanks, and thanks for tiki.

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I proposed that we add HTML comment tags around the smarty tags (the way XOOPS does) last summer, and a few of us did some testing. It turned out that it didn't make editing in WYSIWYG editors any easier. I personally tested with Dreamweaver 4, if memory serves.

Can you confirm if adding the HTML comment tags does make editing easier? Please update SmartyTplEditingDev with your findings. Thanks.

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We should only have smarty comments. Sorry I dont like the idea of html comments.

Smarty comments dont get output to the browser, therefor saving bandwidth on each page load.


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Damian, you misunderstand. The idea is to change the smarty delimiter tag from { } to something like or that might make it easier to edit templates in WYSIWYG editors (ex. Dreamweaver, Frontpage)

See SmartyTplEditingDev for more info.

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MMm, I see.

The { is too much in our environment now, to make such a vast and wide change. It would be easy for TikiPro, to do something like that as they dont have the mass following of tiki geeks.

You would need a script to convert to whatever you want, then edit the file, and convert back. But to accept such a global change in Tiki CVS would be a big nono.


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btw, I refer to the 3Rules wink

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