Re: Re: Stop! TikiWiki 1.10???

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Perhaps I wasn't clear. The Tiki version, like that of GNU/Linux, Gnome, KDE, is not one number, but 3 numbers combined. First number represents a major version; second represents minor version; third represents bugfix version. Major.Minor.Bugfix. Therefore, v1.10.0 is not the same as v1.1.0 just as the number 10 is not the same as the number 1. We choose not to show the trailing .0 just as Linux kernel 2.6 is not referred to as 2.6.0.

See the link I posted for an accurate (at least in my opinion) description of a versioning scheme much like Tiki's and many open-source software.

And if you want evidence that this versioning scheme is not unique to Tiki, see for yourself that the latest version of the 2.4 Linux kernel is v2.4.26. v2.4.26 is a (much) later version than v2.4.3.