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temporary directories in / !

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I'm just fine-tuning a machine running Hardened Gentoo Linux. I set up tikiwiki from portage, its version is 1.8.2 Sirius. Other remarkable versions: Apache:2.0.50, mod_ssl:2.0.50, OpenSSL:0.9.7d, PHP:4.3.8.
I'm about to work out an ACL system based on Grsecurity. I'm in the evaluation period for the required ACLs. I noticed a strange symptom, that apache2 keeps creating some kind of temporary folders in the root directory (I mean real root, not the www root) with scrambled names, which it immediately erases. It also use /tmp with similar srambled names.
Other php based web programs (squirrelmail, phpscheduleit) do not show this phenomenon.
Php session files are stored in a separate folder for security reasons, php-accelerator uses exclusively /tmp directory.

What can be the reason? I is it the expected behaviour? Can anybody confirm this?
I haven't find any configuration options in possible conjunction with this issue.

Please share your ideas and suggestions.