Structure Menu Width Problem


I created a module with a structure.
After that I placed this module in de LEFT - sidebar.
The module is a Custom Type Module, to get a collapsable menustructure I used the CSS notation:

{menu structureId=19 css=y type=vert}

Everything works fine: the menu shows the structure and collapses the subpages in the structure, but..
This menu only uses the half of the full LEFT-sidebar width, as show in the image attached.

Can anyone help me to get this in full sidebar width?
Tiki Structure Menu Width

Or do I have to config a collapsable menu the other way? Then how?


Hi jeesee,

in my opinion this must be a css issue.

Check your CSS with "inspect element" or "Webdeveloper" in your browser, find the relevent CSS selectors and put them with altered (customised) values into tiki-admin.php?page=look (Admin -> Look and Feel -> Customisation -> Custom CSS field

Next: did you know, that you do not need to use a custom module for that?

You can use the module_menue aswell for menus (use menuId) as for structures (use structureId in the field below).

Anyway, custom modules have their advantages aswell. Won't want to miss them.

Regards, Torsten.


Check, I got that! Thnk you.

But now one more thing:

When clicking the first page (TOP) of the strucure, the menu will be openened. Correct!

But the first page will not be shown in my webpage. Not Correct.

The structure also has sub-subpages. How can I show them in the Model Structure?

I've read the above limitations as a 13.x Default? 




And when I use Element Inspection I find something like:

html#page_22 > body.tiki.tiki_wiki_page.fixed_width.layout_classic > div.middle_outer > div#middle.container.clearfix.middle > div.row > div#col2.col-md-3.col-md-pull-9 > div#left_modules.content.clearfix.modules > div#module_11.panel.panel-default.box-Procedures.cssmenubox.module > div#mod-Proceduresleft4.clearfix.panel-body > div#Procedures > nav.role_navigation > ul#cssmenu2.cssmenu_vert.menus_19.sf-js-enabled.sf-arrows > li.option20.menuSection.menuSection0.menuLevel0.selectedAscendant.sfHover > a.sf-with-ul


And now what? How can I change that in Custom CSS?