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Architecture / Installation

Change avatar dimensions to 80x80?

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Where can I change avatar dimensions in the code?
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If you are using Tiki 14, in Community, General Settings, there is an "Size of the small avatar stored for users." option.
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I am on 14 and I see no such option in the menu....?

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Go to "Control panels" and use the "Search preferences" for "avatar". Does it show up then?
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Sorry, I was in my Tiki 15 test system and it is there. I don't find it in Tiki 14.

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Try: tiki-pick_avatar.php?
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All that menu does is allow me upload a new avatar.
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The option does not exist in Tiki 14. As Tom Jarvis says, you'll need to manually edit the tiki-pick_avatar.php file. You'll need to modify the code: https://sourceforge.net/p/tikiwiki/code/HEAD/tree/branches/14.x/tiki-pick_avatar.php

I believe the default is set around line 53.


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ok edited the file, changed all the 45 entries to 80. In theory should double the size of the avatar but it did not seem to do anything. I cleared the cache. Do I need to re-upload the image again?

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is this happening in the default theme.... can you share the content of postbit_avatar template....

ACP >> Templates >> Your Theme Templates >> Post Bit Templates >> postbit_avatar

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