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Re: Help: Spellcheck database error

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Thanks - that all worked fine - I simply used phpMyAdmin to upload the new table. I guess I should have been able to find that reference in the documentation but I must confess I'm finding it a bit of a challenge to find the right info in the right Tiki web site.

But having now played with the Spellcheck a bit I will probably switch it off as a feature since it seemed to find any capitalised word even when spelled correctly and there doesn't seem to be a way to add new/correct words to the dictionary. Am I still missing something?

Thanks again

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I've also seen the problem with the spellchecker where correct words are flagged because they begin with a capital letter and don't match a capitalized word in the dictionary database. The spellchecker's suggestions to replace such words are invariably proper (capitalized) nouns.

I've been searching tw.o, doc.tw.o, and dev.tw.o for clues as to a solution, with no luck so far. frown