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The Articles features works well and no major improvements are planned. Please suggest improvements here.

  • New module: Article Topics that lets user selectively display articles by topic; module automatically displays existing topic names; when you click on a topic, tiki-view_articles.php displays only those items containing the selected topic (last option in module should be All Topics).
  • Sticky article; remains at top regardless of publish date
  • Default topics and cool icons to make default site development quicker/easier: Announcements, News, Featured Link, etc.
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Show categories at bottom of tiki-read_article
  • Instead of WYSIWYG editing, it could be easier to implement some kind of template (or better a set of templetes) which includes automatic image positioning (i.e. top-right) and automatic word wrapping of the text around the pictures (see Typo3)
  • tiki_p_read_article_body:
    • About the option "No article body, heading only": How easy or difficult would it be for the body of the article to be subject to permission checking? Anonymous surfers could read the header but would need to login to read the body. Could we have a permission tiki_p_read_article_body. Ideally, this would be a global permission and it also could be subject to specific permissions (as in tiki-admin_topics.php)
  • using articles in modules
    • AFAICT, there are only three article-related modules (articles, last_articles, old_articles) . Here is what I would like: "Objects that can be included" in tiki-admin_modules.php Should have a drop-down menu which give us a choice of articles of type = XYZ and also topic = XYZ
  • We should have more modules
    • A related articles module with links to popular articles in the same topic. (as current article)
    • A related articles module with links to popular articles in the same type. (ex.: upcoming events)
    • Other articles from the same author
    • Top authors
    • list of article types
    • list of topics
  • Versioning of Tiki articles

This would be sweet. How to deal with both header and body?

mdavey: header isn't really header - it is more like an abstract. Perhaps one could have a migration script to take the v1.9 header, wrap it in {abstract}...{/absract} and prepend to body; thus removing the need for a separate header field in v1.10 tables. One could add {abstract} to wiki markup (for v1.10) at the same time.
  • Optional wiki Syntax
    • Wiki syntax and linking is not always good in articles. It would be nice to have an article type option to flick on/off. ( A bit like CODE plugin)
  • Custom fields for topics
    • I am considering adding some custom fields. These would be used for searching/filtering and also to prefill some info in the templates.

  • Article images MDavey
    • Generate a proper thumbnail of the article image
    • Provide an option to supply own thumbnail, rather than auto-generate (like image galleries do)
  • Article URL MDavey
    • show_url - supply and display an associated URL
    • no_heading - Never display an article heading
    • auto_redirect - Don't display an article, go straight to URL








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