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Awwaiid is known InRealLife as Brock Wilcox (soon to be Brock Willum). He is a student at Northern Arizona University Where he studies Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science, though not in equal parts. He is a programmer.

"After three days without programming, life becomes meaningless" — Tao of Programming

I'm not sure where to put this: The list doesn't seem like the right place (not really worthy of it imho), nor does email(shouldn't be private). Therefore, i put this here.

"Okay, so I have a specific goal. I'm going to make it so that in addition to granting specific permisions in general to a wiki page, you can also grant/revoke permissins based on the group. The idea is of course to make a group of wiki pages only editable by a specific group. For example, I have a site on which I'd like admins to edit the front page and the core content, but am happy for people to make lots of other pages. "

What kind of permission would someone ever need? (Apart from unreg - reg - admin?) Would the unix scheme of me, my group, everyone, admin can do all, applied on each post or category(CMS, blog, etc) be good enough?

Paul Khuong (pkhuong)

A unix scheme would work, I think. Right now we can explicitly not give anonymous or registered users access to editing wiki pages, and instead only give it to editors, and then specifically turn on editing for certain pages. I want to do the opposite — turn editing on by default and deny it to all but a certain group for a set of pages. So... yeah. Your unix view would probably work.

--Brock (awwaiid)

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