Reports on the event:


TikiWiki is a proud participant to the upcoming http://blitzweekend.com/

The concept is to "Design, Build, and Launch in one weekend".



When & Where

Near Montreal, Canada, February 28th, and March 1-2, 2008

Room 135-35 (ground level)

Who & What

TikiWiki will be entering two teams. Part of us will be working on a release of the app itself. And some of us will be using as a framework/tool for other projects.

Development/release team

  • Tom Aratyn
  • Louis-Philippe Huberdeau
  • Yan Levasseur
  • Daniel Cédilotte
  • Benoit Meunier
  • Nelson Ko is release manager for Tiki 1.10 and will be leading this group.

The development team's goal is to try to package a release candidate or Beta version of Tiki 1.10 . Refer to Release110Beta1Todo. If unsuccessful, at least hack away so hard at the todo list that Tiki 1.10.0 will now be weeks away and not months away. For more general developer information on Tiki 1.10, refer to Branch110

Testing/Marketing/Documentation team

  • Hugo Laporte
  • Jean-Robert Bisaillon
  • Majken "Lucy" Connor
  • Claire Joly
  • Régis Barondeau
  • Rodolfo Aular
  • Nathalie Laporte
  • Cyrille Maltot
  • Sébastien Paquet
  • Thierry Moreau
  • Jean Georgiadis popped in for the discussion about www.projectmanagementwiki.org
  • Marc Laporte will be leading this group

Each will work on testing, finding & reporting bugs, writing documentation & marketing. Some will work on their own TikiWiki-powered projects to be launched at the end of the Blitz week-end. For example:

  • www.soscontribuables.ca is to be Tikified by Claire.
  • www.projectmanagementwiki.org is to be launched by Régis and Rodolfo (just default TikiWiki install for now. No content yet.
  • Daniel Cédilotte will be Tikifying a personal site
  • Cyrille Maltot will be working on wiki.synairgis.com

I hope there will 1-2 other projects as well (to be confirmed)

Hugo will be an observer/student. Lucy and Tom are coming from Toronto. Nelson from Ottawa. All the others are from the Montreal area. We still need a web designer (icons, logos, overall design, etc)

If you have a project you wanted to do eventually with TikiWiki (or even something else). Don't delay. Come to the Blitz and work on it. As a group, things happen so much faster! After Bring-Your-Own-Wine, it's Bring-Your-Own-Project!

There is nothing like real projects like this to uncover real bugs and solve them efficiently. Everyone will learn and share.


While we have a group, it's a great time to have some live discussion about various topic. Each topic could take a lot of time, so we are going to keep it short (max 1 hour). The follow-ups can be online

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