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2005/05/20 This page is a mess and still needs major cleaning up biggrin

2005/09/29 the Tiki developer community are offering a bounty for some iCal work:


Who is working on what? (Priorities/goals/majors issues/roles)

UserPageMose wrote the event calendar
UserPagemarclaporte suggests features and helps with testing
Damian has some fingers in the calendars
sylvie (personal calendar, timezone ....)

Recent contributors: SylvieG, rLeibman, mose, oHertel, jmJuzan, tombombadilom, GaryGriffin & MarcLaporte

UserPagekevinB has done some interesting work notably by splitting the events from the site log. There are 25 calendar-related entries. Please see attched file on UserPagekevinB

12/2004: Personal calEndar feature. The events shown in such a calendar are only view by its creator sylvie
02/2005: Timezone respect sylvie

Calendar Features (done)

  • Site activity monitor (visualize change on calendar)
  • weekly/monthly view
  • group calendar
  • mini-cal pop-up to choose start & end date with mouse

Calendar features (to do)__

  • We need a series of checkboxes with are all possible views a user has done
  • colors and other visual cues for categories (and maybe groups and type)
  • Advanced permission management on who can view, submit, edit_submission, approve_submission, remove_submission, edit, remove, auto-approve or admin the calendars. (same as tiki articles) (event submission in waiting until approved)
  • Invite attendees by email. attendees confirm (yes, maybe, no) reject invitation (with automatic reminder if no answer)
  • Recuring (repeating) events
  • multi-day events done
  • Possibility to use to manage and show schedule of ressources (ex. booking rooms, equipement) (Tutos, MRBS)
  • all day event (no time applies)
  • event listing (straight table) . 2 options: a multi day event is on one line or one line per day. (event -> one line - done sylvie
  • reminder of event option (ex.: never, 15 minutes, 1 hour, 1 week, 1 month) : port from MiniCal
  • reminder of event should be configurable depending on Role. 1 day for role X, 7 days for role Y)
  • adding todo items on their deadline
  • add birthdays
  • CalendarSharingDev
  • add events to the calendar (quizzes,tests,papers) in the future but have the events link to the poll,survey,blog,mod-CustomQuiz or whatever; polls creation/closing might be watched - Chealer9
  • make calendar more user-friendly and intuitive. weekly/daily view where appointments are placed logically with their time of day morning events at the top & evening events at the bottom. So it's easy to see free time at a glance. (like PHPicalendar & more groupware's calendar)
  • the view should be configurable (ex.: number of minutes/hours for intervals in daily view, start & end hour for days) like current UserCalendar
  • "also add to news" checkbox. A new event would also be promoted on the CMS page, without having the make a separate entry. (and disappears after date. a bit like current events in articles)
  • Separate optional fields for event address, phone number, contact email, event website, event fees
  • link location of event with mapquest (or localis) or Geo
  • Allow personal calendar events to appear in the main calendar for the current logged-in user. The calendar filter would have another checkbox called "Personal Calendar". now possible in 1.9
  • Get events via icalshare.com
  • Assign events to groups
  • birthdays

Standard Tiki features: (todo)__

  • RSS feeds respecting permissions
  • calendar should be in menu system like articles, blogs, etc
  • watch an event (notify me of change) (indicate diff in email)
  • printable version (no borders)
  • possibility to attach files, pictures, etc to the event. (ex. meeting notes)
  • Calendar module for borders for mini-month, next events with overLIB (like Postnuke block) done
  • Check participant avalaibility/suggest meeting time (Find available time slot amongst users)
  • For categories: events should definitely be assignable in the regular Tiki category system.
  • We may want extra event-type categories (ex.: meeting, birthday, phone call, travel time, sick, on vacation, private, etc) done
  • Events in search system (check ACLs)
  • Events in Tiki stats
  • ShortURL support (rewrite rules)
  • MobileTiki + VoiceXml for events (like wiki & blogs)
  • comments on events (like articles)
  • date format configuration (dd/mm or mm/dd) - done sylvie
  • Smarty themes and translation tags
  • plugin/phpcurl for meetup.com




Presets changing, requests for customization
  • {SF(tag=>rfe,aid=>799291)}{SF}
  • {SF(tag=>rfe,aid=>811878)}{SF}
  • {SF(tag=>rfe,aid=>811875)}{SF}
  • {SF(tag=>rfe,aid=>792328)}{SF}
  • {SF(tag=>rfe,aid=>811883)}{SF}
  • {SF(tag=>rfe,aid=>829248)}{SF}

Desirable displays

Image Image

Note that this calendar shows personal, group and global events:

CVS Doc section=-

Note on development of a Tikiwiki Multi-calendar

- development page (quite unstable)

- or that direct view to all (coded up to now) tiki items in calendar

- Mysql schema for calendar tables

- source code changed :
templates/modules/mod-application_menu.tpl -> inclusion of calendar item on top and one in admin
templates/tiki-assignpermission.tpl -> added permissions (quite minimal for now)
templates/tiki-admin-include-features.tpl -> added a box to activate feature
db/tiki_1.6to1.7.sql -> added tables structure and minimal inserts
tiki-admin.php -> added test for feature setting

- source code added :
tiki-calendar.php and
templates/tiki-calendar.tpl -> page to display calendar
tiki-admin_calendars.php and
templates/tiki-admin_calendars.tpl -> page to create/admin calendars

lib/calendar/calendarlib.php -> contains functions. some may go in tikilib or will be changed for better integration with already existing functions (that I don't know all).
style/mose.css -> added lines for calendar style, I need to port that on every theme ?


june, 18th - mose

Work advances well.

I found useful to build a function that scans all objects in Tikiwiki and display them as read-only values. That feature gives a rather quick look to all contents with a glance ! It was not the first goal but i'm very happy with it. I didn't code all functions yet but it will be ready soon.

On another hand, collaborative behaviour in group calendar is based on tikiwiki groups scheme. Each calendar is attached to a group, that means that it can be attached to Anonymous and then be publicly editable.

Permission system will need to be checked twice before release, as each object can be subject to restriction. I hope it will not hinder sql queries ...

Calendar We Want

FYI: Did You Know...

  • ... In one year the moon circles the earth 13 times?
  • ... In the current global standard calendar, a month doesn't correspond to one natural cycle?

  • ... The word "calendar" comes from the Roman word, "Calends", which was the name of the account book, the book recording monthly debts and bills to be paid?
  • ... Time isn't money?

  • ... September means seven, but is the ninth month?
  • ... March is named for Mars, the Roman God of War?
  • ... July and August are named for Julius and Augustus Caesar?

  • If today is Monday, June 1st, what day of the week will July 1st be? .... and August 1st? ......... what about November 1st?

  • If you were to build a house, wouldn't you use a ruler of equal measure?

  • The current twelve month calendar is made of months of unequal measure:
  • 31 days is followed by 28 or 29 days, then 31 days, 30 days, 31 days, 30 days, 31 days, 31 days, 30 days and 31 days.

  • The greatest masters in the art of time planning were the mayans. rolleyes

  • If we are really planning to create a global and international tool - Tikiwiki -, then lets get over some of our past habits: this includes imho also the preference of an irregular measure over a harmonic.

  • This type of calendar, a 13-Moon 28 day-calendar, was actively supported by the International Chamber of Commerce in 1931. The calendar change was supported by people such as Eastman Kodak and Mahatma Gandhi.


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