Consultants Survey 2016

Tiki Competitors

- Tiki outperforms competitors in the areas of: all in one, out of the box solution (don't need multiple platforms); better number of built in features; and better customizability.
- People recommend other platforms because they have better functional benefits or features (while we did not ask respondents to give detail on the specific benefits or features – the lowest ranked functional benefits of Tiki were "Ease of use - for your end customer" and "Speed" - though still "Roughly on par with other solutions") or because a customer requests a specific platform. Suitability for different solutions also a reason to recommend another platform.
- WordPress, Drupal and Atlassian are significant competitors. Focus on these companies when doing a competitive analysis. Having said that, Tiki users don't seem to use a number of different competitive platforms for different clients. Suggests some loyalty and customizability to adapt to different client needs.

Tiki Developers

- Those who are most engaged with Tiki (based on their responsiveness to the survey) are single, independent consultants. This plus the adjacent segment, consultants in organizations of up to about 50 employees, should be our primary target market. Also the type of people who would be more likely to contribute to an open source platform.
- In contrast to other services such as theme development and providing hosting, developers are more skilled in configuration using existing features. Focus efforts on tutorials that help people become more comfortable with other Tiki functionalities.
- Most popular uses for Tiki are: internal collaboration, project management, and intranets; knowledge base or documentation; database, forms and reports; and online communities
- People most likely to recommend Tiki because they are familiar with it; the community is friendly, welcoming and helpful; and it's a hassle to focus on multiple platforms
- Users like Tiki because they are familiar with it and the functional benefits or features of Tiki
- Tiki users like using Tiki. They use it because they want to, not because they have to.
- Size of open source community is very important as a developer, less important as a customer
- Feeling the support from a like-minded, open source community is biggest emotional benefit

Core benefits – Positive Selling Features

Number of Mentions

Plugins/updates (ease of use, security, no extra cost)
The “Trackers” feature
No license/fees

Top 3 features important for developers when looking to implement a solution

1. Open source
2. Number of built-in features
3. Level of security features

Tiki Customers

- Most popular uses of primary platform are: Internal collaboration, project management, and intranets; online communities; knowledge base or documentation. This lines up with what developers use Tiki for most often. The only difference is the use of Tiki for database, forms and reports which is a popular use for developers.
- Emotional benefits for customers feel the job was done well and are excited about the potential opportunities
- Preconceived notions/concerns with Tiki from customers: Complicated, Never heard of it, Open source, What does wiki or CMS mean, Safety
- Customers only want a reasonable amount of information about the software but don't do any additional research.

Top 3 features for customer when looking to implement a solution

1. Ease of use

2. Cost to implement

3. Speed

Spreadsheet with results:. see attached.

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