Content-Aware, Intelligent Tiki

What's this about?

This page describes a bunch of ideas for making Tiki more:

  • "aware" of its own content
  • able to use that awareness in an "intelligent" manner to help its users

Natural Language Process (NLP) and Information Retrieval (IR) functionalities

This page contains several ideas for using NLP and/or IR methods to carry out "intelligent" processing of textual content on the site.

Intelligent configuration

Configuring Tiki is a complex process. Those of us who have been doing it for years understimate the amount of tacit knowledge we use when configuring Tiki.

If Tiki was somehow "aware" of how people typically configure it, it might be able to help admins. Here are some ways in which we could do this.

Sites that use pref X tend to use pref Y

When a user sets pref X, the system tells them which other preferences are typically also set when X is set.

This assumes that we have implemented some mechanism by which a Tiki installation can be aware of other installations out there (that's the Tiki Mother concept).

Automatically flag unusual, out of the ordinary "patterns"

For example:

  • A user has stopped contributing
  • A post has suddenly generated lots of traffic
  • Number of account requests has suddenly increased

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