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Clicking the Directory icon on the Admin Panel (see TikiAdminSettings ) takes you to the directory settings.

Number of columns per page when listing categoriesYour directory categories can display in one long list, or you can choose to have up to six columns of them displaying side-by-side.
Links per pageAfter Tiki displays n number of links, it will direct the viewer to additional pages of links. A small number of links per page will display more quickly, but a large number avoids the problem of users not realizing there are additional pages to view.
Validate URLsShould links that users suggest be immediately posted to Tiki, or should they be validated by an admin or a designated editor? If you wish to have editors besides the Tiki admin validating links, you must create a group of editors and give them the appropriate permission (see PermissionAdmin ).
Method to open directory linksWhat should happen when a user clicks a link? Should the new site:
Replace the current window (thus taking the user out of your Tiki)
Open in a new window (putting the directory page in the background, but keeping it open)
Open in an inline frame (squeezing the new site into a frame within your Tiki)
There are advantages/disadvantages to each approach. If you choose inline frame be sure that you're not violated any copyrights or Internet etiquette!

Now that your directory settings are configured, go to the Application Menu and select Admin directory from beneath the Directory link. From there you'll be able to:

  • Admin categories
  • Admin sites
  • Admin category relationships
  • Validate links
  • Return to these Settings

See DirectoryAdmin for details.


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