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Tiki Admins and Users

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The Tiki Community is a member-driven "do-ocracy". To facilitate this, we offer support, documentation and tools for the tiki.org websites as we "eat our own dogfood" to improve and add features to the Tiki code.

Anyone can freely read the Tiki documentation and support forums, etc. but, to post in the forums and make use of other interactive site features, please register at tiki.org. Your registration will enable you to log in at all the Tiki project sites — doc.tiki.org, dev.tiki.org, themes.tiki.org, etc. — through the InterTiki feature, and use the interactive features at those sites.

Registering is the starting point for posting messages in the tiki.org forums and for being able to monitor pages and other site content (to receive email notices of content changes), to submit a bug report or feature wish at dev.tiki.org, and to be able to create or edit pages especially at doc.tiki.org - the support documentation site. Anyone can participate in our live online sessions as an unregistered guest (that is, in our monthly Roundtable Meetings ), but registering first is nice. And community members are expected to do their best to follow the Tiki Social Contract.

As an Open Source software project, Tiki draws its strength from its community of users, developers, documentation contributors and other supporters, and financially from donations.

Personal Data Privacy

Of course, registrant information provided to tiki.org is used only for the benefit of the user at the site, and is not sold or otherwise made available to third parties. Personal data privacy is a very important concern to us. And all of Tiki's newsletters and other communications are opt-in, and the only unsolicited email you might receive from tiki.org are the most critical security notices or very infrequent tiki.org user list management inquiries.

Opportunities to Participate

A community around an open source software project, our model is one of people helping people and, once registered, you’ll find many opportunities to participate and contribute, whether you are an individual, or part of an organization, institution, or company. You don't need to be a developer and know how to code to contribute. You can:

Some Tips for New Members

  • Search the documentation first and read the FAQ before asking questions.
  • If you ask a question and get an answer that is more up-to-date than the documentation, please consider updating the documentation.

When answering a question, please reference the docs/FAQs/etc. This will increase the visibility these resources.
Those who find a problem with the documentation are welcome to update its pages to improve it.

A bug only exists on record if it's reported in the bug tracker.
When in doubt, file a bug report or request a feature/enhancement at https://dev.tiki.org/Make-a-wish.

If you have an idea for a code enhancement in Tiki but aren't a software developer yourself, you can suggest it but the developers working on Tiki are very busy so generally don't have time to take on new code enhancements voluntarily. You might be interested in hiring a coder for this, or find an independent software developer to take on the work.

In short, you are warmly invited to participate directly in the growth of Tiki by joining the Tiki Community. For those who would like to help but don't personally have the time, we also very much appreciate financial donations to help cover the operating expenses of the project.

Financial Contributions Are Welcome

Tiki is a large project and there are opportunities for everyone who would like to support the open source software movement and Tiki in particular. For those who would like to help but don't personally have the time, we also very much appreciate financial donations to help cover the operating expenses of the project.

Social Networking

Become a fan or follower of Tiki on these sites:

See Social Networks for more social networks!

Spread the Word

Do you have a Tiki-powered website? Use one of these badges to tell the world. (Yes, these are definitely retro — updates are in the pipeline .)
Note: Please use the images that are in the Tiki package on your server. Do not link directly to the tiki.org image files.


Powered by Tiki Powered by Tiki Powered by Tiki

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<a href="http://tiki.org" title="Powered by Tiki"> <img src="IMAGE LOCATION ON YOUR SERVER" alt="Powered by Tiki" style="border:0" width="80" height="31"> </a>

Powered by Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

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<div> <strong>Powered by</strong> <a href="http://tiki.org" title="Powered by Tiki">Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware</a>. </div>

Developers, Designers, Translators

Create Tiki

Developing and contributing to the project

Developers Information


We make software "the wiki way" — no rigid hierarchy, and easy onboarding and commit access for new developers. While Tiki is a mature project, started in 2002, it continues to evolve with new features being added steadily, such as Vue.js and Rubix ML. The project file repository began on SourceForge.net and has evolved from CVS to Subversion, and then to Git, hosted at GitLab. We invite coders of all levels and interests to take a look at Tiki and join us if the project catches your interest. Please see https://dev.tiki.org/TikiDevNewbie for more information.

Software Evaluators

Please go to Evaluating Tiki for relevant information.

Philanthropic Organizations

Please go to To Philanthropic Organizations for relevant information.

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