Roundtable Meeting 2023 11

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Our monthly meetings are the third Thursday of each month at 14h UTC.

Thursday, November 16th, 2023 at 14:00:00 UTC time (click to check time zone in your location)



The members of the community are invited to fill the topic list of the TRM.
As courtesy to other participant's, prepare a minimum your topic. Give context and details, prepare demos, screenshot, URL or reports in advance... anything that will allow better/faster understanding and getting into the topic. ­čÖĆ

See Roundtable Meetings for a detailed description.


First hour, quick news

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put your topic (max. 5-10 minutes) into the list above

Second hour, longer topics

  1. New installation help/incentive emails (enhancing tiki communication)

A lot of software installation comes with a initial communication through emails that have positive effects on new comers and have an impact on different aspect such as guiding and helping user through their first steps, distilling a sense of enthusiasm for the software and fostering the sense of belonging to a community of users. Those 3 aspects, among others, hold the potential for greatly enhancing the experience and have a positive action on Tiki new comers. However we need to find the right balance between sending positive end helpful information and harassing our new user, this with limited resources for communication and implement an automated communication strategy.

One of the barrier here is: Do we collect users email ?
This question has been discussed a few times and my feeling is that we could agree on a non-mandatory field somewhere at the end of the Tiki installation for the new user to input his email. Being optional it should not create much trouble and may also be used to create registered user items or/and populate our newsletter user list.
Simple plan:

    • Collect email in a tracker (as a first easy step) (email, date of download, flags for each email)
    • Use the plugin ListExecute to send emails at different steps (date+1, date+3, date+5, date+10, date+30)
    • The Emails could provide some logical usage progression like (the following is given as exemple);
      • First steps admin help links (ie: setup guide, features) and welcome message
      • Practical help links around Wiki pages and user management (ie: wikiplugin, wiki syntax, goups and users) and community message as well as links (forums, user maillist)
      • Best practices and help tools (profiles, wizards)
      • Sub-features (categories, watches, etc) community message and links (matrix chat)
      • Finally a reminder that we have support and report tools, news and communication channel as well as consultants.
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To come...


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