Some people are working on logo and style ideas, it could be great to define together the way we want to communicate on the wiki project so that , graphic designer can provide their work and be informed of the further developments.

I propose to work on a dynamic layerable svg ,
the svg format is fully xml managed, very light and easy to implement .
Wiki SVG_HowTo


No one is currently working on this feature. Please add your name here if you'd like to contribute.


A brief has to te writen so that Graphic Designers could contribute easily using the same base for create design stuff

Graphic contributions

A Gallery exist in where you can put all your contributions

Social Contract This social contract, currently in draft form and subject to improvement and clarification, is intended to clearly describe the overall development policies and standards of the Tikiwiki development

Archive(TikiWikiDemoSitePlan) Lets make a plan for the Tikiwiki site


no trackers yet

OpenSource Design

There are now plenty of free graphic softwares
Let's create on that way the graphic elements we need !
I put here the software i use to work on this , please add yours

Bitmaps Sofwares:

Vector Software
GYVEGNU Yellow Vector Editor is a Linux vector-based drawing program.

SVG Softwares
SVG editors and ressources


here is the place you can explain the way you see Tikiwiki

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