HTML in WIKI Page Error

I am unable to include HTML in page. I get the following response
The following error message was returned:

Unknown column 'added_by' in 'field list'
The query was:
INSERT INTO `tiki_plugin_security` (`fingerprint`, `status`, `added_by`, `last_objectType`, `last_objectId`) VALUES(?, ?, ?, ?, ?) Values: html-d433e4b5f89a6fa8c5f4821b6fd19012-0df3f8fa6a273b5283894cce2d1e8455-332000-200000 pending RVBelanger wiki page UserPageRVBelanger The built query was likely: INSERT INTO `tiki_plugin_security` (`fingerprint`, `status`, `added_by`, `last_objectType`, `last_objectId`) VALUES('html-d433e4b5f89a6fa8c5f4821b6fd19012-0df3f8fa6a273b5283894cce2d1e8455-332000-200000', 'pending', 'RVBelanger', 'wiki page', 'UserPageRVBelanger')

From chibaguy (see comment string) I have concluded that the table tiki_plugin_security does not have the column field added_by. I have confirmed that the table in question does not have field by using phpmyadmin. I have also looked at the other wiki sites I have set up and confirmed that their tables do include the appropriate field, which explains why they are working with html. I contacted siteground the host and asked them the question and they have pointed me back to this community. I am really puzzled by that because all 5 sites were set-up and installed the same way using their script and I have a very elementary understanding of SQL and PHP. I can see the table and field in phpmyadmin. Is it as simple as adding the field to the table and moving on? I do not see any place to just add the field. I can create a new table and add fields but i do not see where to add fields to an existing table. Can someone please provide direction.

Update 4-14-2009 - This took over two weeks to figure out. Glad it is over!!!! Thanks to chibaguy for his assistance. His direction to look at phpmyadmin was the step in the right direction. From there I found some short video clips phpmyadmin tutorials and some assistance at digital point forums. I learned how to add the field and updated the database and went back and it worked as expected.

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