There are currently ongoing efforts to make a greek Tiki localization.
The first results are attached and are on an early stage and there is still a lot of work to do.
The two attached language files have been created independently and with different approaches.
Taking in to account the difficulties and the impossibility of a one to one translation to greek it has to be discussed if it makes sense to provide two solutions or to merge/choose one.

Current translation

The file languageGreek_tw1.8.2_01062004 is a translation with contribution from spyk and takis.
The file language UTF-8 is a 1.9.2 translation with UTF-8 encoding and 65-70 % complete with contribution from spyk and takis.

The intention is to translate everything to the greek language having in mind an average greek corporate user who is used to the common greek MS/Windows/Office environment and the 'greek' language created by the MS translators.

Old translation

The file language.php contains a not so formal translation made with a community site in mind and from a UI designer's point of view. The first attempt was a direct translation of the file but the result was a bit disapointing, so the focus was changed from "what is the best translation for x", to "what would be more helpful to be displayed at point x in regard of the functionality that it provides". It's far from complete and it's progress will be stalled for some weeks but it's development will be resumed and will be updated it with the feedback that will hopefully come from the community site it was made for. An important goal is make best use of takis' work while keeping the translation's focus.

Participation, contribution, questions and opinions..

Ideas and problems can be documented by greek speaking people on LanguageGreekIssues. Everybody is welcomed and needed.

Support @ Greece

There is a new site on air TikiWiki.gr. You are welcome to ask, or contribute to this greek open source effort.

Who is working here

UserPagetakis and Spyk

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