This Page shows the leftcol bug too (sometimes) : http://ws.apache.org/axis/

I found something that changes the behaviour of leftcol bug.

The php directive output_buffering is either boolean either integer with max limit of mem buffered.
Default being 4096 or such, I supposed it can be raised a bit and then check what happens.
Well. I tested the method I use to reproduce the bug with elegant theme : rm -rf templates_c/*
and go to wiki or blog or article, on local tiki, make the central column go to the rightmost,
out of the screen.

After changing output_buffering value my leftcol bug didn't reproduce !

Please can you test that fix and report on this page what happens for you ?

(for people don't having access to such change, the solution will come later if avalaible)

You have to apply that directive change in a <Directory> block in your apache conf, like in :

<Directory /usr/local/tikiwiki/>
order allow,deny
allow from all
php_value "output_buffering" "32000"

Added by Court-Jus. This didn't solve the problem for me... I've tried the bugzilla reproduce method and it work on my website (if you move the mouse while the page is loading, you've got a LeftColBug. If you don't move the mouse, the bug doesn't appear))

refer to http://fr.php.net/manual/en/ref.outcontrol.php for more information


another try

i found these 'exploding pages' feature on my installation when i browsed my articles... it somehow replaces space's with & nbsp;'s...
after i saw it in some of my wiki-pages also, i thought putting the whole text into a table, as wiki-engine didn't parse the table contents, as it is html (i may be wrong here, just guessing). so i put the whole text into < table>< tr>< td> / </ td></ tr></ table> tags. voila! it helped me with a work-around. its not a real solution either. but it solves my problem until someone finds where the bug is hidden and can really kill it. but be aware of blank lines/line endings. you have to use < br> tag as in normal html.

Note by luci:

This seems to explain it pretty well.
Conclusion: The Mozilla bug depends on wrong table width rendering especially in tables used for page layout in conjunction with longer page generation time while moving the mouse cursor over browser's viewport. I can reproduce the bug quite easy moving or leaving mouse cursor at the browser's viewport on this test case. But I can't reproduce it on tw.o for example.
Solution: Force Mozilla developers to fix the bug or use tableless layout in our themes for 1.8 (e.g. Simple style wasn't reported with LeftColBug yet AFAIK)
Update by swythan (13/02/04): I think they might have fixed this bug. I've tested with a nightly, and I can no longer reproduce. I've posted to the bug, so hopefully it will soon be confirmed. Unfortunately, the fix is not in Firefox 0.8 or Mozilla 1.6. We will have to wait.

Update 2 by Chealer9 (20040818) These days tw.o (at least on moreneat) has LeftColBug almost every pageview on my Firefox 0.8. I'm testing with 0.9.3 and I didn't get it once after several pageviews. I advise everyone to update to 0.9 (or Mozilla 1.7 I guess) to fix it.

Some thoughts from irc on 2004-1-12:
<lorinc> I think I found a good place for testing the leftcolbug: rss feeds...
<lorinc> http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-forums_rss.php?ver=2&css=y
<lorinc> that one rss feed for the forum gives me xml errors on first load, no others do... ;-)
<binary> heh, it's a bug
<lorinc> I think its the notorious leftcolbug...
<lorinc> or the same mechanism...

snip from the error code:

XML Parsing Error: junk after document element
Location: http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-forums_rss.php?ver=2&css=y
Line Number 5, Column 1:<table border='1' cellspacing='0'>

on reload its all good as usual...

Note by Terence: I still experience the LeftColBug using Firefox 1.0.2 in Windows.
However, I don't see the LeftColBug using the latest Firefox nightly (Gecko 1.8). Woohoo!

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