Logo usage and brand guide

All still relevant info should be moved to branding.tiki.org

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Some notes

  • Please try to use a non-propriatory software such as InkScape, which is free, GPL licensed vector graphics editor
  • If you can't/don't want to use it than save and publish your work in a format that other softwares can read as well
  • The below designs have been made with InkScape and saved in svg format
  • Share your work! Upload the source files to file galleries!
  • If you modify an svg and upload it please increase the serial at the end of the filename by +1

Tiki 3D box

What is it?

  • Tiki is a product and it is common on the web for softwares to have a box picto that looks like something you can take off the shelf in a shop
  • we should have it to promote better the "out-of-the-box" message
  • see more here


Some inkscape tutorials to help improve the pictos

Tiki release number

What is it?

  • a small picto to for using on promotional material for a Tiki version
  • can be modified easily by anyone using the source and be mixed with other promo elements
  • please fell free to play around if the mighty muse found you
  • proposed sketch
tiki_releasenumber_01.png (10.13 Kb)


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