To get a copy of the revised mod-application_menu.tpl, tiki-user_menu.tpl and an update to insert into the tiki-js.js file click here. This includes the tiki-application_menu.tpl if using the application_menu module and the tiki-user_menu.tpl if using the menu option in a module. The js script needs to be added at the end of your /lib/tiki-js.js script.

For new users of tw, place mod-application_menu.tpl into the ./templates/modules or ./templates/styles/$your_style/modules folder of your tw and the tiki-user_menu.tpl into the ./templates or ./templates/styles/$your_style folder of your tw

Edit the ./lib/tiki-js.js file inserting the text from the tiki-js.js_include.txt file at the end of the file and save.

Any questions contact sdl biggrin.

Fancy making it into a mods.tw.o project, so that we can keep it updated to the latest tiki's :-) - Damian

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