Okay, I have fallen into the nasty habit of writing posts and submissions to web-based things of all types, of unusually large size.

I'm not "trying to compensate for something", I'm not trying to scare people off reading them, I just think talk and type in a generally difficult to follow way. Or so I'm told.

Typical composition of a MonsterPost;

  1. Title indicating a suggestion of complex nature, usually beginning with "How about", "What if" or "have you considered".
  2. Opening paragraph which appears to make sense until re-read at which point it becomes apparent that it is actually quite generalised and misleading.
  3. several paragraphs which attempt to explain the first paragraph including "examples in quotes" or important words in italics or bold
  4. another paragraph beginning "you could also" suggesting something possibly completely unrelated and / or highly involved and difficult to actually do.
  5. a summary paragraph followed by bullet points explaining precisely how whatever being discussed is supposed to be related to the MonsterPost
  6. A closing sentence which denotes a lack of intelligence on the part of the author to attempt to lighten your mood after having struggled all the way through the MonsterPost

Now you know how to spot them, we just need to find a way of killing them.


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