• achieve the following search functionality:
    • quoted multiple-word strings return hits only when entire string is matched
    • boolean search syntax +wordA +wordB returns only objects which contain both words
    • boolean search syntax +wordA -wordB returns only hits which contain wordA but not wordB

changed file:

  • lib/searchlib.php


  • this hack is only intended for MySQL 4.0+
  • this does not involve the "Search-new" Tiki search engine

1) Add Boolean clause to SELECT statement:

$sqlft = 'MATCH(' . join(',', $h['search']). ') AGAINST (' . $qwords . ')';

$sqlft = 'MATCH(' . join(',', $h['search']). ') AGAINST (' . $qwords;

global $db_tiki;

if ($db_tiki='mysql') {
$sqlft .= ' IN BOOLEAN MODE)';
} else {
$sqlft .= ' )';

2) Remove Simple Search fallback:

if (!$cant) { // no result
if ($fulltext && $words) // try a simple search
return $this->_find($h, $words, $offset, $maxRecords, false);
return array(
'data' => array(),
'cant' => 0

note: the simple search block causes following error in MySQL 4.0.15 boolean search "+listening +page":
Warning: mysql error: Got error 'repetition-operator operand invalid' from regexp in query:

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tiki_comments c, tiki_pages p WHERE c.objectType = "wiki page"
AND p.pageName=c.object AND (UPPER(c.title) REGEXP '.*+LISTENING.*'
OR UPPER(c.data) REGEXP '.*+LISTENING.*') AND (UPPER(c.title) REGEXP '.*+PAGE.*'
OR UPPER(c.data) REGEXP '.*+PAGE.*')

in c:\program files\easyphp1-7\www\tw\lib\tikidblib.php on line 125

$result is false
$result is empty

Unless I'm missing something, the Tiki.org search engine doesn't work as expected either. Quoted strings just act like simple ORs and boolean +/- prefixes cause lots of error messages. I had the same symptoms on my 1.8 implementation until I made these changes.''

I will attach modified source code snippet and Unix diff file.

Page last modified on Monday 19 March 2018 07:56:36 GMT-0000

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