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Some notes

  • Please try to use a non-propriatory software such as InkScape, which is free, GPL licensed vector graphics editor
  • If you can't/don't want to use it than save and publish your work in a format that other softwares can read as well (.svg)
  • The below designs have been made with Inkscape and saved in svg format
  • Share your work! Upload the source files to file galleries!
  • If you modify an svg and upload it please increase the serial at the end of the filename by +1

Tiki 4

gezza: I think the current logo is too "edgy", chi likes to flow around rounded things..also web 2.0 look is more for rounded corners, so for Tiki 4 we should soften the current logo just a bit and it would fit better into the great new css styles.

Gary (chibaguy): I like the edges, myself, and in fact prefer a logo image that has a definite border (as much as I like luci's artwork overall), rather than having a reflection and other semi-transparent parts. I think these cause unnecessary trouble when being applied, and also reduce the effectiveness of the logo as a distinct image.
gezza: reflection was just that jquery effect inside Tiki, I removed it

Some sketches


get the source svg: tiki_logo_small_02.svg (21.39 Kb)

Having a Poll brakes the left/right colums, temporarly commented out
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{POLL(pollId="24")}Which one do you like?{POLL}

Tiki 3

This is the current version

tiki_3_logo_small.png (507 b)

Tiki 1.9


Tiki full icon

Tiki 4

Some sketches


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