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Admin Documentation

The most important part of Tiki administration is understanding the permission system used by Tiki. Basically the rules are:

  • Administrators can create and edit groups.
  • Users can be assigned to one or several groups.
  • Permissions are assigned to groups, NOT users.

There are two pre-defined groups:

  • Anonymous : Users that are not logged automatically belong to the anonymous group.
  • Registered group: Users logged in automatically belong to this group.

Tiki has the option to allow users to register themselves using the application or not, so registered users can or can't be trusted depending on that setting.

Note: When changing permissions you must refresh the page to see the updated permission list.

User administration

The user administration screen allows you to administer users. You can create new users (useful if users can't register themselves), remove users and assign groups to a particular user. You can find users by login name using the find button at the top of the listing (it will act as a filter).


Group administration

The group administration screen is similar.

Make sure you click create group! The interface is deceptive, you may in fact just be editing the same group over and over again.


You can create groups, delete groups, find groups by name/description, and you can assign permissions to a particular group by clicking assign_perms in the row of the group. Note that by default the Registered and Anonymous groups are predefined.

Including groups in groups

Note that when you create a group you can indicate that the new group includes other groups. If you do so then the new group will "inherit" the permissions from included groups (but they won't be displayed) so you can extend a group by including it and adding some permissions.

You can have a hierarchy of groups where descendant groups always inherit their parents' permissions. Sites with a structure similar to
Anonymous -> Registered -> Paid -> VIP

Or something like that can use this feature to quickly define the group's permissions.

Assigning users to groups.

Create a group, for example test, and create a user, for example foo. Then from the user administration screen click assign_groups for the user. You will be able to assign groups to that particular user. A user can belong to as many groups as you want.

Assigning permissions to groups.

From the group administration screen click on assign_perms for a particular group and you will see a screen divided in two parts. The first one shows information about the group and assigned permissions while the second part can be used to manage permissions per category. We ll explain each part next.


In this section you can see information for the group that you selected as name, description and permissions assigned.

Then you can create a new permission level and you can if you want assign all the permissions in some level to the group. Or remove all the permissions in some level from this group. As you can see permissions are organized in levels. By default Tiki comes with four prearranged levels that you can modify as you want:

  • Basic: permisions for anonymous users, basic site usage
  • Registered: permissions for logged users
  • Editor: Permissions to site editors can manipulate content.
  • Admin: Permissions for admins only. Can be dangerous if missused

In the second part of the screen you can assign permissions and change levels.


The top section is used to select a permission category, for example games, forums, faqs,etc. All can be used to see all the permissions at once (the screen will be VERY long). For each category for which permissions will be displayed the checkboxes indicate if the permission is assigned to the group or not. You can assign/remove permissions using the checkboxes; you can also change the level of any permission using the dropdown. In this way you can re-classify the permissions as you need and then easily assign all level-x permissions to a group whenever you want.

When a user belongs to more than one group the permissions are accumulated.


Permissions are what groups CAN do. Note that permissions always ALLOW groups to do things; there are no restrctive permissions in Tiki because they can conflict if the user belongs to more than one group. The list of permissions that you can assign to groups are:

General permissions

tiki_p_admin Administrator, can manage users groups and permissions and all the weblog features
tiki_p_use_HTML Can use HTML in pages
tiki_p_edit_templates Can edit site templates
tiki_p_admin_dynamic Can admin the dynamic content system
tiki_p_admin_banners Administrator, can admin banners
tiki_p_admin_categories Can admin categories
tiki_p_vote_poll Can vote polls
tiki_p_edit_cookies Can admin cookies
tiki_p_view_stats Can view site stats
tiki_p_view_referer_stats Can view referer stats
tiki_p_eph_admin Can admin ephemerides
tiki_p_admin_mailin Can admin mail-in accounts
tiki_p_edit_languages Can edit translations and create new languages
tiki_p_admin_banning Can ban users or ips
tiki_p_create_css Can create new css suffixed with -user

Wiki permissions

tiki_p_edit Can edit pages
tiki_p_view Can view page/pages
tiki_p_remove Can remove
tiki_p_rollback Can rollback pages
tiki_p_admin_wiki Can admin the wiki
tiki_p_wiki_attach_files Can attach files to wiki pages
tiki_p_wiki_admin_attachments Can admin attachments to wiki pages
tiki_p_wiki_view_attachments Can view wiki attachments and download
tiki_p_upload_picture Can upload pictures to wiki pages
tiki_p_minor Can save as minor edit
tiki_p_rename Can rename pages
tiki_p_lock Can lock pages
tiki_p_edit_structures Can create and edit structures
tiki_p_edit_copyrights Can edit copyright notices

File galleries permissions

tiki_p_admin_file_galleries Can admin file galleries
tiki_p_create_file_galleries Can create file galleries
tiki_p_upload_files Can upload files
tiki_p_download_files Can download files
tiki_p_view_file_gallery Can view file galleries
tiki_p_batch_upload_files Can upload zip files with files

Comment permissions

tiki_p_post_comments Can post new comments
tiki_p_read_comments Can read comments
tiki_p_remove_comments Can delete comments
tiki_p_vote_comments Can vote comments
tiki_p_edit_comments Can edit all comments

Blog permissions

tiki_p_create_blogs Can create a blog
tiki_p_blog_post Can post to a blog
tiki_p_blog_admin Can admin blogs
tiki_p_read_blog Can read blogs
tiki_p_admin_galleries Can admin Image Galleries
tiki_p_create_galleries Can create image galleries
tiki_p_upload_images Can upload images
tiki_p_view_image_gallery Can view image galleries
tiki_p_batch_upload_images Can upload zip files with images

Forums permissions

tiki_p_admin_forum Can admin forums
tiki_p_forum_post Can post in forums
tiki_p_forum_post_topic Can start threads in forums
tiki_p_forum_read Can read forums
tiki_p_forum_vote Can vote comments in forums
tiki_p_forums_report Can report msgs to moderator
tiki_p_forum_attach Can attach to forum posts
tiki_p_forum_autoapp Auto approve forum posts

Communications permissions

tiki_p_send_pages Can send pages to other sites
tiki_p_sendme_pages Can send pages to this site
tiki_p_admin_received_pages Can admin received pages
tiki_p_send_articles Can send articles to other sites
tiki_p_sendme_articles Can send articles to this site
tiki_p_admin_received_articles Can admin received articles

Games permissions

tiki_p_play_games Can play games
tiki_p_admin_games Can admin games

Quiz permissions

tiki_p_admin_quizzes Can admin quizzes
tiki_p_take_quiz Can take quizzes
tiki_p_view_quiz_stats Can view quiz stats
tiki_p_view_user_results Can view user quiz results

Articles & Submissions permissions

tiki_p_edit_article Can edit articles
tiki_p_remove_article Can remove articles
tiki_p_read_article Can read articles
tiki_p_submit_article Can submit articles
tiki_p_edit_submission Can edit submissions
tiki_p_remove_submission Can remove submissions
tiki_p_approve_submission Can approve submissions
tiki_p_admin_cms Can admin the cms
tiki_p_autoapprove_submission Submited articles automatically approved

FAQ permissions

tiki_p_admin_faqs Can admin faqs
tiki_p_view_faqs Can view faqs
tiki_p_suggest_faq Can suggest faq questions

User permissions

tiki_p_create_bookmarks Can create user bookmarksche user bookmarks
tiki_p_configure_modules Can configure modules
tiki_p_cache_bookmarks Can cache user bookmarks
tiki_p_usermenu Can create items in personal menu
tiki_p_minical Can use the mini event calendar
tiki_p_userfiles Can upload personal files
tiki_p_tasks Can use tasks
tiki_p_notepad Can use the notepad
tiki_p_newsreader Can use the newsreader

Chat permissions

tiki_p_admin_chat Administrator, can create channels remove channels etc
tiki_p_chat Can use the chat system

Content template permissions

tiki_p_edit_content_templates templates Can edit content templates
tiki_p_use_content_templates templates Can use content templates

Shout box permissions

tiki_p_view_shoutbox Can view shoutbox
tiki_p_admin_shoutbox Can admin shoutbox (Edit/remove msgs)
tiki_p_post_shoutbox Can pot messages in shoutbox

Drawing permissions

tiki_p_admin_drawings Can admin drawings
tiki_p_edit_drawings Can edit drawings

HTML page permissions

tiki_p_view_html_pages pages Can view HTML pages
tiki_p_edit_html_pages pages Can edit HTML pages

Tracker permissions

tiki_p_modify_tracker_items Can change tracker items
tiki_p_comment_tracker_items Can insert comments for tracker items
tiki_p_create_tracker_items Can create new items for trackers
tiki_p_admin_trackers Can admin trackers
tiki_p_view_trackers Can view trackers
tiki_p_attach_trackers Can attach files to tracker items

Survey permissions

tiki_p_admin_surveys Can admin surveys
tiki_p_take_survey Can take surveys
tiki_p_view_survey_stats Can view survey stats

Webmail permissions

tiki_p_use_webmail Can use webmail

Newsletter permissions

tiki_p_admin_newsletters Can admin newsletters
tiki_p_subscribe_newsletters Can subscribe to newsletters
tiki_p_subscribe_email Can subscribe any email to newsletters

User message permissions

tiki_p_messages Can use the messaging system
tiki_p_broadcast Can broadcast messages to groups
tiki_p_broadcast_all Can broadcast messages to all user


Permissions are created dynamically. See the Wiki SQL plugin for information

Directory permissions

tiki_p_admin_directory Can admin the directory
tiki_p_view_directory Can use the directory
tiki_p_admin_directory_cats Can admin directory categories
tiki_p_admin_directory_sites Can admin directory sites
tiki_p_submit_link Can submit sites to the directory
tiki_p_autosubmit_link Submited links are valid
tiki_p_validate_links Can validate submited links

Galaxia Workflow

tiki_p_admin_workflow Can admin workflow processes
tiki_p_abort_instance Can abort a process instance
tiki_p_use_workflow Can execute workflow activities
tiki_p_exception_instance Can declare an instance as exception
tiki_p_send_instance Can send instances after completion


tiki_p_admin_charts Can admin charts
tiki_p_view_chart Can view charts
tiki_p_vote_chart Can vote
tiki_p_suggest_chart_item charts Can suggest items
tiki_p_autoval_chart_suggestio Autovalidate suggestions


missing permissions here

Live Support

tiki_p_live_support_admin Admin live support system
tiki_p_live_support Can use live support system


tiki_p_view_calendar Can browse the calendar
tiki_p_change_events Can change events in the calendar
tiki_p_add_events Can add events in the calendar
tiki_p_admin_calendar Can create/admin calendars

Permissions for individual users

What if you want to give a specific user some permissions? Just create an artificial group, assign the user to that group and give the group the permissions that you need.

Individual permissions

As we explained you can set up individual permissions for some Tiki objects. When assigning individual permissions the permissions you can assign are the same as you have in the global permissions screen. Once an object has individual permissions only the individual permissions apply to the object, and not the global permissions.

The following objects accept individual permissions:

  • Wiki pages
  • Image galleries
  • File galleries
  • Forums
  • Weblogs
  • Newsletters
  • Surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Trackers

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