Of course this won't work as yet with tw.o as it's running 1.8 and HEAD is where you'll find all of the magic razz

Creating quizzes and tests are easy now... all you need to do is use this tracker as your example...

Do you like quizzes?


What is the question1


q 1

which state is Cleveland located


This will get you started though. Please see
http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_tracker.php?trackerId=5 for an idea of what the beta trackers look like. Trackers in HEAD cvs are vastly more powerful and polished.

//You may experience problems... make sure the name of your fields is accurate
// Includes a miniquiz form
// fields to use in trackers to prepare miniquiz
// Question   the question
// Answer     correct answer
// Option a   false answer
// Option b   false answer
// Option c   false answer
// Option d   false answer
// Valid      indicates that the tracker item is to be used as a quiz item



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