Trying to hack a new wikiplugin_noprint.php in lib/wiki-plugins that helps wrapping text in order to not get that part of content printed in tiki-print.php:

Here's the try:


// No printing of content if the page is being printed
// Usage
// {NOPRINT()}
//  data
function wikiplugin_noprint_help() {
  return tra("No printing of Plugin Content in the wiki page print mode");

function wikiplugin_noprint($data,$params) {
  global $tikilib;
  {if $print_page !== 'y'}$data = trim($data);{/if}
  {if $print_page eq 'y'}$data = "";{/if}
  return $data;


Any ideas on how to use Smarty code in Wikiplugins?

ML: very interesting. Let's make sure this works everywhere (articles, wiki pages, blog posts, etc) A PluginPrint would also be interesting.

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