Using this plugin as a quick tag is not advised as yet. Repairs on the way.

A line break for Tiki syntax would be very very useful to get the full text processing power out of regex.

  • Mose mentioned a
    wiki line break tag.

<?php // Perform a regular expression on the text surrounded by {REGEX()} {REGEX} tags // Usage the WikiPageName holds the regex find replace commands // for example /^i/i:: $1 is the first letter // where $1 is the value of the first expression // example two: /(it's|its)(your|you're):: Check $1 $2 is correct // {REGEX(search=>WikiPageName)} // line 2 // line 3{REGEX} function wikiplugin_regex_help() { return tra("Takes regex expressions and parses the content between the REGEX tags and replaces the text.").": <br/>{REGEX(regex=>search|replace)}".tra("data")."{REGEX} - ''".tra("one data per line")."''"; } function wikiplugin_regex($data, $params) { global $tikilib; extract ($params); $pageName = (isset($pageName)) ? $pageName : "pageName";//gets a page $info = $tikilib->get_page_info($pageName); $content=$info["data"]; $lines = explode("\n", $content); // separate lines into array no emtpy lines at beginning mid or end foreach($lines as $line){ list($search[],$replace[])=explode("::",$line);// use two colons to separate your find and replace } $data=preg_replace($search,$replace,$data); $data = trim($data); return $data; } ?>

for example
{REGEX (search=>MyPageOfRegexpression)} Its a matter of choice. {REGEX}

Will produce

Did you check to see if you are using its correctly? a matter of choice.

Here is the content of ))MyPageOfRegexpression((

/\./::\. /(its|it's)/i::Did you check to see if you are using $1 correctly? /(\n|^)(a-z)/::$1 Capitalize $2 as it is the beginning of your sentences. /.\n<br>/::. The end of the sentence. / \t+$/::Don't put blank lines at the beginning. /(stuff|things|stupid|whack)/i::Find a better word. $1 is immature. /(accept|except)/i::$1 is often misused. Check your usage. /(there|their|they're)/i::Are you sure you're using $1 correctly? /(collage)|(college)/i::$2 is where you make colleagues and have a $1 experiences

There is lots of room for improvement here but here are some sample strings to get you started.... mind you, they are aimed at relieving the tedium of correcting stupid typographical errors... but the potential is enormous.

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