Priorities for TSCA funds

Tiki does receive Donations but it doesn't amount to a lot of money. The Fundraising Team will set up some additional initiatives to get more funding via grants and Affiliate programs and other Advertising.

This page is to discuss/prioritize general guidelines where funding will be allocated. We try to get everything sponsored but if we can't, here are general priorities.


Bare bones

  1. Domain names
  2. Yearly Association fees & dues (the official incorporation paperwork)
  3. Trademark renewal (once per 10-years)
  4. Servers (this could likely be sponsored but it's not a high expense at the moment)
  5. Legal fees


  1. Promotional merchandise to distribute at community events.
  2. Organizational expenses for TikiFests (rent space, etc.)
  3. Travel expenses for TikiFests
    • Some people come from very far and/or live in a country where the currency is weak and travel costs are prohibitive.

Other notes

  • It is not expected to use funding for feature development because this is something that should come from the community, in an organic way. (do-ocracy)
    • But there could eventually be development funding for things that are hard to fund organically (ex.: revamps, UI improvements, new themes, etc.) with a focus on things which bring more funding
  • We must be vary wary of engaging the association in recurring costs