Release Notes for version 1.7


  • Most themes are works in progress; please use them with caution as they may have problems with IE and Opera (at least)
    • Themes known to be buggy: geo, mose, akwa, tiki

Bugs or misbehaviour

  • one sometimes (rarely) sees modules and module links that belong to another user viewing the site at the same moment
  • changes to modules and admin settings sometimes require a page reload to appear
  • left/center column sometimes takes up width of the screen: it occurs randomly
  • the quiz feature may exhibit strange behaviour and will likely be rewritten for 1.8
  • the poll feature does not record votes; a patch will be released asap
  • the chatroom sometimes causes browser to continue to refresh even after leaving
  • the filter function does not work in Galaxia/workflow
  • the site search function may give errors with Chinese or other Asian characters
  • the mini calendar may display wrong with non-ascii characters used in translation of months and days
  • the "Go Back" link on error pages sometimes fails in IE (after a POST)



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