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Release 1.8rc1

Bugs fixed

  • {SF(aid=>816780)}{SF} (ohertel)


  • LeftColBug occurence much diminished.
  • French translation (sylvie)
  • German translation (ohertel)
  • Module visibility UserAssignedModules (not sure it is a good name) (sylvie)
  • emoticons and quicklinks now inserted at the current cursor position (terence, patch)
  • # of comments to an article is now visible on tiki-view_articles.php (terence, patch)
  • # of votes and # of comments displayed by poll function (Traivor)
  • Allow Date sorting in either direction (Traivor)
  • Allow existing topics to be edited (Traivor)
  • tiki-install.php now allows admins to reset the db connection settings in local.php (terence) and tries to create the dirs it needs, so there is less need to run setup.sh (dheltzel)
  • Module Controls — easy (and improved) module order/placement configuration (zaufi)
  • BOX plugin now have align parameter to displays the text in an aligned box, which looks like newspaper sidenote (dcengija)
  • mod-last_articles to show last X published articles (dcengija)
  • RSS feeds now support rss v1.0, rss v2.0 and special output for browsers (attached stylesheet), besides that feeds may get cached (to avoid tiki to collect data from db with every request)
  • Article pages now accepts type and topic parms to filter articles (dheltzel)
  • Article topics no longer require an image file to be uploaded (dheltzel)
  • Newsletter enhancements (dheltzel)
  • Possibility to give an different date format for each language (sylvie)
  • Module switch-lang to be able to change language even if not logged in (sylvie)
  • Module switch-theme to be able to change theme even if not logged in (mose)
  • If a full text search find nothing, a simple search is run (sylvie)
  • Comments in Wiki page are searched in a Wiki search (sylvie)

New Features

  • Database abstraction - allows Tiki to use DB's other than MySQL
  • Upgraded to Smarty 2.60RC2
  • TikiMap / TikiMapAdmin / TikiMapDoc - a new geographic feature using Mapserver 4 and any type of professionnal geographic data. (franck)
  • possibility to store session data in DB: more secure and enables use of webserver clusters (redflo)
  • admin can shut down the site and only allow access to those with permission (terence)
  • tiki can automatically deny access to the site if server load is above a certain threshold (terence)
  • plural English wikiwords can be linked to their plural forms (terence, patch)
  • menu links like the admin menu can now be sorted using a Smarty plugin (redflo)
  • page footer now displays average server load in the last minute, memory usage, number of database queries, and whether GZIP compression is enabled (terence)
  • AutoLinks: plain URLs can be automatically converted into clickable hyperlinks (terence)
  • E-mail to/from forums (robin)
  • Installation Profiles (dheltzel)
  • Jabber plugin (needs local jabber server to run) (dheltzel)
  • Article Plugin to include information from an article. (dheltzel)
  • Customizable article types (new default types, Event and Classifieds) (dheltzel)
  • Custom Fields on the User Preferences page (dheltzel)
  • Last "n" posts to a forum can be displayed when browsing a forum for quick acces to latest posts in any thread.
  • Dynamic variables added to Tiki objects using %varname% syntax. The variable value can be edited in-place clicking the variable value and changing it. (luis)

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