Release 1.8rc3

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed thread ordering setting in forum administration (aneuhaus)
  • Fixed login bug on Windows (marcius)
  • Added primary permission checkings on included page for the include plugin (gmuslera)
  • sql bug fixed in calendar, now speed is improved in case of big db (mose)
  • Reoccured problem with email_isPublic not honoured in user_information (markusvk)
  • Fixed Pear::Auth authentication
  • Calendar perms oddities should be fixed now (mose)
  • fixed xhtml compliance for principal pages at least, and for BOX module (mose)
  • fixed webmail account 'SMTP requires authentication' bug (squee-d)
  • Fixed repeated Re: appearing on internal tiki messages Damian


  • Modules look-n-feel now can be redefined by theme makers by overloading module.tpl and optional module-error.tpl (zaufi, gmuslera)
  • Some fixes to become a bit more XHTML compliant (gongo)
  • Module titles will contain total number if nonums module parameter used (zaufi, gmuslera)
  • Module last_modif_pages now have tooltips showing when and who change page (zaufi)
  • Rewrote of the calendar feature (mose)
  • Prepared aqua tabs layout for optionnal use (still need a hardcoded operation) (mose)
  • in user menu admin panel replaced list of links by a select dropdown, including appropriate perms and features flags (mose)
  • added an option in wiki admin panel to inhibit slideshow (or at least button on wiki pages) (mose)
  • global enhancement of the look of the tiki calendar (mose)
  • Major fixes in use of the calendar, expecially about optimizing queries so it should be much faster now (mose)
  • If no chatrooms are created and Chat is available an empty dropdown is shown, fixed with suitable message instead Damian
  • ))BlueMetalColorado
  • ))RedMetalColorado
  • ))GreenMetalColorado
  • ))PurpleMetalColorado

New features

  • Wiki plugin USERCOUNT - Damian
  • Module wiki_last_comment to display wiki page name, title and author (tooltip) of comment added — so long I waiting for :-) Module parameters are: nonums = y|n and moretooltips = y|n (zaufi)
  • PhpLayers integration for use in user menus (mose)
  • JsCalendar integration for use in calendar and in forms where a date input is used (mose)

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