Release Process 1.9.0

Bugs Fixed

  • Newsletter: fix the sql error is user subscribes twice sylvie
  • Gallery : path disclosure fixed sylvie
  • Community admin: fix sql error on depth sylvie
  • Wiki: fix a strange blank page on some system for tiki-index.php sylvie
  • User tasks: fix the error you must have 3 chars while editing a task sylvie
  • Article: Article with categ not allowed is no more shown in list_articles sylvie
  • Calendar: fix sql error when a new DB is used sylvie - Patch available on ReleaseProcess19DR4

New Features

  • TikiMaps: Layer Grouping tna
  • TikiMaps: Mapfile history with compare and diff Franck
  • TikiMaps: a file with the extension .NDL will stop anybody from downloading similar files Franck
  • Poll module :
     User error
    Plugin argument(s) missing:
    • pollId
    for random active poll and {poll=current} for random current poll sylvie


  • Messages : a note to inform you you have not allow somebody to reply to you if it is the case sylvie

New CSS Classes


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