Release Process Tiki 1.9.6



Release Manager: mose
Release Date: Monday 6th November 06


  • upgraded pear::auth lib, and added more containers (make possible auth with pop3/imap service)
  • security fix on a sort_mode path disclosure
  • various extra var type checks performed

Bug fixes

  • Wiki poll: do not create a new poll each time you edit a page sylvie
  • login: login from a tiki-login_validate page does not go back to this page as password has changed sylvie
  • phplayers menu: change the look because of missing icons sylvie
  • forum: fix notification outbound url for a topic sylvie
  • directory: do not redirect on a non validated site sylvie
  • tracker: fix WYSIWYG on tracker with category having special perms sylvie
  • rss : made optional the link to diff, reverted default link to page view
  • box wikiplugin : fixed double-parsing producing double-linefeed


  • Search: Batch batch_refresh_indexes_tikisearch.php sylvie
  • Wiki poll: Highlight in wiki rating box the user rating sylvie
  • Tracker: can choose export field type: visible/searchable/all sylvie
  • added a notification when attachement is added to a watched wiki page
  • various updates on Catalan language
  • intall process can be localized to other languages (through tiki-install.php?lang=xx ) sylvie, xavi

(for more details, check Changelog.txt released with Tikiwiki)

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