Roundtable Meeting 2015 04

Volunteering Facilitator: Bernard Sfez



Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 18:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)

Please mind that we meet at 18:00 UTC during Daylight summer Time to stay with the same local timezone at the most places.


See Webinars for a detailed description.




Tiki 14 release roundtable Tiki14 release checklist

  • Updating and testing t.o themes and dev website
  • Updating and testing other t.o website
  • Picking a date to release (next 24/04 Friday best candidate)
  • Tiki14 Beta assembling package and testing team

Tiki 12.4 and 13.2 release

  • General checking
  • Picking a date (next 24/04 Friday best candidate)
  • Tiki 12.4 and 13.2 assembling package and testing team

Second hour, longer topics

  • Fautore demonstration

Chat log

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Webinar 2015 04

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