Roundtable Meeting 2017 05

Volunteering Facilitator: luci


Thursday, May 18th, 2017 at 14:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)
The time is now:


See Roundtable Meetings for a detailed description.

Fixing Community Items session

(Why this?)
Prior the Roundtable time we organize a 30mn session to fix a list of bugs from the reports at https://dev.tiki.org/Community+items#Summary and https://dev.tiki.org/Community+items#List

  • ...

Tiki community issues (no coding) where volunteers are needed

  • An article about the doc.tiki.org data loss issue needed?
  • ...




1st hour quick news

  • Some sponsored Tiki domains - keep or let them expire?
  • Another TikiFest CEST proposal for beggining of the summer 2017!
  • Donation Button: create or unhide. Topic raised up by John Morris on FB.
  • Possible to use Tiki logo for promotion during TikiRacing events?

Second hour, longer topics

  1. Review of the pending Tiki Community Items (issues and wishes affecting the Community as a whole and *.t.o sites), for up to 15 minutes. See
  2. Releases soon?
  3. ...



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