Set Expandtab Glitch

/* vim: set expandtab */ is a comment in many *.php files.

I call the problem a glitch rather than a bug since functionality is uneffected. It is the appearance of the page that is altered, e.g. graffiti.

The offending file is tiki/Smarty/plugins/modifier.truncate.php The glitch seems to appear when upgrades are made.

mose was who originally identified the offending file to me on 14-Dec-2003 after an upgrade from 1.7 to 1.7.4. It recently reappeared after an upgrade to the CVS version of 1.7.

damian noted that reappearance of the glitch may have occured for me and not him because, due to shared hosting, I had to FTP the files from my home pc to a remote installation, rather than run CVS from the server that would contain the installation.

Another Reason

Please remove any expandtab instruction from files you visit !
We have to use tabs for indentation rather than spaces because our environment is composed of various editing habits. I personally indent with 2 spaces, some prefer 8 spaces. Using tabs make all of us happy, spaces are an imposed choice for that.
-- mose

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