No coding has been done on this feature yet. No developer has shown an interest neither.

What and why ))ShareUserProfile(( should be

Introduction (what kind of problem is this intended to deal with?)

Currently there's no way to transfer a user's profile data from one Tiki site to another.
What we need is something comparable to some computer programs' Export Settings function (and of course an Import Settings function after! This way :

  1. A user can use a Tiki site as a personal informations manager storing a calendar, notes, bookmarks, etc. on it, but if the site closes, or if the user doesn't frequent the site anymore, he can transfer his data to another Tiki site painlessly.
  2. A user can "change" his Tiki username (actually creating a new username and then transferring his profile data).
  • Any other use?

Feature Development steps
  1. Nothing done. Discussion about the features is welcome.
  2. The one described in the introduction.
  3. ))Inter-Tikis(( user profile (see description below).
  4. Interfacing with software other than Tiki (see description below)..

Inter-Tikis user profile

At this step user data independant of the Wiki can be stored whether on the local Tikiwiki site whether on another Tikiwiki site, if the user asks so. If stored somewhere else, Tiki provides users a way to enter security information needed to get access to data. If stored somewhere else, TikiWiki's user profile section acts like a bridge to the place where the user data is hosted.

Interfacing with software other than Tiki

At this stage user data independant of the Wiki can be stored somewhere else than on a Tikiwiki site. This place can be about anything : Jabber profile, other IM profile, Mozilla bookmarks, Outlook profile (notes, calendar), Mozilla plugins, other web sites' profile (SourceForge by example has some personal data). At this stage, different information categories (like calendar, notes, bookmarks) can have a specific data host. This is the mature step. It should never be totally completed since there is so much software!

User data independant of the Wiki

Presently this includes all user profile data except MyTiki, Modules and Watches (20030901)
Some settings may be wished Tiki-specific by some users... it depends.

Current Development scene


Step 1.
No developer proposed for step 2.


No developper proposed for this yet.
Author of the idea is Chealer9 at 20030901

Competition and standards

Yahoo! Groups is doing good at step 3.


Security issues will become more important if Tikiwiki spreads since step 3 - Chealer9
I guess we should use XML for step 1 - Chealer9



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