Tiki Suite

WikiSuite is the new name for Tiki Suite. Please see: WikiSuite.org

Tiki Suite is a selection of Free / Libre / Open Source Software (FLOSS) server, web, mobile and desktop apps with a concerted focus on greater interoperability, security and adaptability, which is aimed at small & medium-sized organizations.

The Tiki Suite is especially suited to decentralized and knowledge-centric organizations and offers most (80%+) of the features all organizations need, such as: Email, Website & Blog, Shopping Cart, Intranet & Project Management, E-learning, Social Networking, Knowledgebase & Customer Support, File sharing, Issue Tracker, Video-conferencing, LDAP, VPN, Gateway, Network, etc.

You can install anywhere (home, office, laptop, data center, etc.)

Key components include:

  • Client-side (The devices used by your team)
App Windows GNU/Linux Mac Android or CyanogenMod via F-Droid
Firefox yes yes yes yes
Jitsi SIP / XMPP / IRC client yes yes yes yes
Thunderbird or SeaMonkey if you don't want to use Roundcube (Kolab) yes yes yes no, use K-9 Mail and DAVdroid for contacts / calendar or ActiveSync
KeePass yes yes yes yes
Syncthing yes yes yes yes

Background information: The typical installation of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware is on shared hosting, which makes it popular and accessible, however, it limits what features can be implemented. This has not stopped Tiki from becoming the FLOSS Web Application with the most built-in features and the FLOSS Web Application with the fastest release cycle. However, there are things you just can't do well in PHP/MySQL and there are things for which we judge more future proof to partner with another (preferably PHP) project (ex.: Piwik).

Tiki Suite preliminary schema

Preliminary schema

This will not work on shared hosting and will require VPS or dedicated server hosting. You have the choice of self-hosting or renting a server. For most small organizations, one server is sufficient. However, if you require Kaltura, you need one or more additional server. Setting up the mail on a different box makes sense as well.